French savoir-faire rests on a subtle blend of tradition and modernity

Honoring the exceptional French traditions helps to preserve time-tested, ancestral wisdom — and encourages the HENRŸIA team to value excellence, while modernity encourages our team to innovate within the skincare industry — and keep HENRŸIA on the forefront of development.

In the French culture, the notions of terroir, premier cru, and appellation are part of the cultural DNA. HENRŸIA products benefit from this engrained savoir-faire by showcasing each traceable ingredient in our products.


Our organic beauty collection focuses on the uniqueness of the terroir, or soil. We at HENRŸIA make it a point to harvest ingredients that pack the maximum potency from their native environment. We know that the specific geographic conditions, such as environment, land, and climate in which plants grow, are indicative of their distinctive therapeutic properties. HENRŸIA’s scientists, aromatologists, and lab technicians meticulously craft each formula to ensure it meets our standards and showcases the power of its well-respected natural terroir.

Premier Cru

HENRŸIA’s promise to keep every aspect of our products and the company at the best quality it can be. This means going above and beyond in sourcing potent, traceable ingredients of the finest quality for their intended purpose. Our insatiable appetite for only the best there is to offer means creating superior products that contribute to our wellbeing, reducing our waste, and respecting the planet.


True French Heritage

Dating back to the 1600s, the Ribon-Tourre family farming estates have been flourishing in the French countryside. It was there that a conscious respect of nature, strong work ethic, and the value of sustainable agricultural practices were born and intricately tied into the fabric of Nathalie’s ancestors’ legacy. These virtues supported the family on the same land from century to century. It’s this heritage that Nathalie honors in each of HENRŸIA’s products.

By the age of 12, Nathalie had put together a notebook, titled “Beauté par la Nature et les Plantes,” translated as “Beauty by Nature and Plants,” which would turn out to be the seed of her life dream — and the beginning of HENRŸIA. Inside, she collected tips and recipes for beauty derived from nature, already conscious of the importance of correct proportions and origins.

Nathalie’s interest in essential oils grew organically. As young girl, she often accompanied her mother to local aromatic plant distilleries to select the tiny bottles directly from artisan producers. Immersed in fields of lavender in Provence, she learned the intricacies of how they are used and each specific therapeutic virtues by osmosis.


Nathalie went on to earn her MBA in International Luxury Brand Management from ESSEC Business School in Paris. She gained a comprehensive business education and gleaned invaluable lessons from major players in the luxury industry, including boutique internships, international field trips in Europe and Asia, and field projects focused in the fragrance and cosmetic sector. Receiving her diploma from the very hands of beauty legend Terry de Gunzburg, dubbed the Steve Jobs of the beauty world, made a memorable impact on her.

From her upbringing in the French countryside and the creation of her notebook full of natural beauty formulas as a preteen to her MBA in International Luxury Brand Management and the founding of her organic skincare line, Nathalie’s passion has come full-circle.

Century-old practices of French savoir-faire are the founding roots of HENRŸIA. Today, Nathalie passionately continues her mission of sharing her natural beauty formulas, that are firmly rooted in her French ancestry, to elevate the world with a touch of beauté essentielle.