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Natural Haute Performance

The secret to HENRŸIA’s masterful formulations is the commitment to noble ingredients to create high-performance beauty care products. HENRŸIA’s founder, Nathalie Ribon-Tourre, is bringing her childhood dream of  crafting “beauty from nature and plants” to life. Teaming up with French cosmetologists, scientists, and aromatologists, Nathalie draws upon her French-country heritage and savoir-faire to develop her effective and highly-concentrated natural beauty collection.

HENRŸIA is born out of the ultimate pairing of nature and science, bringing haute performance organic skin and beauty care to you.

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Utmost Transparency

HENRŸIA’s uncompromising commitment to nature embraces ethical and sustainable practices from start to finish. To ensure the continuation of our ecosystem, we select only 100% traceable, organic ingredients, use sustainable packaging suppliers, and continuously earn environmentally responsible certifications. To do our part in combatting climate change, HENRŸIA contributes to eco-responsible programs that reduce our carbon footprint. These initiatives support the preservation of our planet to grow sustainable healthy ingredients and elevate each of our lifestyles beyond organic beauty to simple eco-consciousness.

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French Savoir-Faire

The name HENRŸIA is derived from memories of Nathalie’s great-grandmother and to pay tribute to her multi-century old cultural heritage. Nathalie derives her knowledge of natural beauty from the ancestral wisdom that’s been passed down from generation to generation; her direct French lineage dating back to 1663 from her paternal side — and even further from her maternal side. It’s this rich heritage that HENRŸIA uses as a springboard for innovation, to drive our curiosity, and to fuel the company’s spirit.

Growing up in the countryside of her ancestors, French notions of savoir-faire, terroir, and premier cru were infused in her throughout her childhood. This French history and culture preserves HENRŸIA’s unique craftsmanship. Discover a new approach to organic beauty that’s centuries old.

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“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere”

— Vincent Van Gogh