For HENRŸIA, beauté essentielle is synonymous with keeping only the essentials in the name of noble beauty: natural ingredients, scientifically formulated for haute performance.

Based on extensive aromatherapy and pharmaceutical research, HENRŸIA’s expert chemists have mastered the art of blending powerful active ingredients in precise proportions. This allows the therapeutic virtues of essential oils to combine with the remarkable properties of botanical oils to deliver a powerhouse of potent nutrients — conveniently concentrated in a single drop.

HENRŸIA’s beauty care products harness the power of nature to guarantee maximum efficacy while respecting the skin.


Essential Oils

Essential oils are aromatic substances with intense powers. Each complex and unique, their therapeutic virtues depend on their composition. Hundreds of different molecules have been identified in a single drop.

The combination of molecules varies not only based on the plant but also on the geographic environment and climatic events that the plant has endured during its growth. Consequently, each essential oil naturally contains powerful antioxidant properties in a unique and non-reproducible form.

Because they are composed of extremely fine molecules, essential oils manage to penetrate our skin effectively and deeply. The natural power, both in strength and in action, of essential oils naturally predisposes them as high performing ingredients for skincare.


Botanical Oils

Key allies to preserve and improve our vital beauty, botanical oils are the perfect partner to essential oils. Modern techniques and sophisticated scientific analysis have substantiated the beneficial properties of botanical oils that our ancestral traditions have long observed and used in medicine and cosmetics.

When combined with essential oils, botanical oils bring an arsenal of healthy ingredients that are both effective and pleasant to use. The therapeutic virtues of organic or wildly sourced botanical oils can’t be understated. Once the oil penetrates the skin it begins to nourish and protect it by reconstituting the lipid film — giving the skin supple radiance. Perfectly blended oils preserve our natural beauty capital by softening, soothing, toning, nourishing, and regenerating our skin.

HENRŸIA’s French chemists, aromatologists, and lab technicians formulate high-performance blends based on their accumulated expertise and savoir-faire. Our respectful formulas are created with professional concentrations in precisely measured proportions and dermatologically tested at independent facilities before being submitted for certifications.