HENRŸIA’s founder, Nathalie Ribon-Tourre, and her team embody the mission to make eco-responsible choices that create premium beauté essentielle skincare products. We perform due diligence to ensure that every step of manufacturing, packaging, and shipping is performed in the most responsible, eco-conscious manner possible.

To support the preservation of our planet, and consequently our health and wellbeing, our eco-beauty products are crafted with 100% organic and traceable ingredients, carefully and responsibly sourced, and never tested on animals.

Our products are packaged in eco-responsible materials, manufactured by suppliers who share our same eco-conscious values. Our packaging vendors care about the ecological consequences of their products and take measures that aim to reduce the impact on the environment. HENRŸIA’s cardboard box packaging is made of 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.


HENRŸIA’s environmental responsibility extends to support the sustainable development of society as a whole. We contribute to our local communities and conservation of the environment in meaningful ways by partnering with:

The Lavender Endowment Fund

Having grown up in Provence, Henrÿia’s founder, Nathalie Ribon-Tourre, is particular grateful to her local community in the land of lavender. Lavender Essential Oil, now an integral part of some of HENRŸIA’s masterful formulas, was commonly used to heal burns, sunburns, and relieve insect stings in her childhood. As part of its eco-consciousness and environmental protection initiatives, HENRŸIA contributes to the lavender endowment fund SPLP, intended to finance research to find ecological solutions for the preservation of lavender, threatened by our changing ecosystem. The fund brings awareness to the risks of vanishing lavender in Provence.


The United Nations Environment Programs: Education and Training Unit

In honor of Nathalie’s paternal grandfather’s example, who in the 1950’s hosted trainees from West Africa on the family farming estate in the south of France in order to transfer skills and knowledge of sustainable agricultural practices, HENRŸIA participates in the UN Environment Programs. Nathalie is particularly inspired to contribute to the Education and Training program of the UNEP to promote skills, aptitudes, and innovation in support of sustainable and just societies. Find out more about why education and training matter.

Carbon Offset Program

Aware of the impact of our work on our planet, we contribute to a carbon footprint program to reduce our environmental impact. HENRŸIA participates in multiple programs, and is always in search of additional noble organizations, that help balance our planet’s ecosystem. Reducing our carbon footprint is an ongoing mission for us, and we continue to strive for sustainable packaging and green practices in all we do.